Age Group Commissioners
Fall 2014

Registered players and their parents can contact their commissioner by logging into Korrio and using Korrio messaging to send a message. Otherwise,  email the Assistant Administrator (Derek Biss) at registrar@stoddert.com

Coed Kindergarten  Tom Gross

Coed 1st Eric Hoy

Coed 2nd  Dana Sade, Ryan McInerney

Coed 3rd Erin Harcourt, Eric Hoy

Coed 4th Ana Bilik

Coed 5th Jennifer Gootman

Coed 6th Tony Callendrillo

Coed 7th Nick Keenan, Kate Stein

Coed 8th Joe Kim, Rick Graf

Coed 9th Chris Vaden

Coed HS Nick Alten, Rick Jenney

Girls 2nd Haze McCreary

Girls 3rd Kelle Bevine

Girls 4th Elaine Clancy, Chris Dietz

Girls 5th Kari Swenson

Girls 6th Tim Lordan, Kirk Rankin

Girls 7th Karin Perkins, Karen McCann

Girls 8th Bob Van Namen

Girls 9th Joy Willing

Girls High School Sarah Ducich, Jenny Goldstein