Age Group Commissioners
Spring 2015


Registered players and their parents can contact their age group commissioner by logging into Korrio and using Korrio's secure messaging system. Players are assigned to recreational teams in the Co-Ed or Girls-only divisions according to the child's birth month and birth year. Commissioners, coaches and managers should consult the club's Age Group Matrix to help determine which age group the individual player corresponds to.

For all other technical questions, parents should contact Derek Biss, Manager of Youth Resources at for assistance.

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Co-Ed Division

Coed Kindergarten (Under 6): Bob Morris, Dorothy McCuaig

Coed 1st (Under 7): Eric Hoy

Coed 2nd (Under 8):  Dana Sade, Ryan McInerney

Coed 3rd (Under 9): Erin Harcourt, Eric Hoy

Coed 4th (Under 10): TBD (currently vacant)

Coed 5th (Under 11): Jennifer Gootman

Coed 6th (Under 12): Tony Callandrillo

Coed 7th (Under 13): Kate Stein, Nick Keenan

Coed 8th (Under 14): Rick Graf, Joe Kim

Coed 9th (Under 15): Chris Vaden

Coed HS: Nick Alten, Rick Jenney

Girls' Division

Girls 2nd (Under 8): Haze McCreary

Girls 3rd (Under 9): Kelle Bevine

Girls 4th (Under 10): Elaine Clancy

Girls 5th (Under 11): Kari Swenson

Girls 6th (Under 12): Frank Moore

Girls 7th (Under 13): Karin Perkins, Karen McCann

Girls 8th (Under 14): Marty Heinrich, Bob Kyle

Girls 9th (Under 15): Joy Willing

Girls' High School: Sarah Ducich, Jenny Goldstein


***Updated on February 9, 2015***