Risk Management is the actions taken by DC Stoddert Soccer League, Inc. to minimize risk associated with the playing and administration of the game of soccer. The Board of Directors of DC Stoddert Soccer League studies the areas where risk may exist and proposes policy and education to mitigate that risk. 

Risk Management addresses a number of issues which include, but are not limited to, background checks for those involved with youth players, field and game safety, and the protection of student athletes from long-term health injuries.




Below are several documents pertaining to Concussion and Head Injury Awareness that the Board of Directors has approved for all student athletes who participate in Stoddert soccer programs and activities.

Parents are required to read, discuss with their children and return a signed acknowledgment form to their child’s team manager prior to the start of each season in order to formally participate.

Concussion/Head Injury Awareness Forms & Links

a. DC Stoddert Soccer League Concussion Policy (adopted 2013)
b. Concussion Acknowledgment & Signature Form for Parents & Student Athletes (adopted 2013)
c.  CDC Concussion & TBI Reports & Fact Sheets

   i. Heads Upp Concussion Smartphone Application for Parents

   ii. CDC Concussion Fact Sheet for Young Athletes (.PDF file)

d. US Youth Soccer Health & Safety Resource Website

e. CDC Heads Up: Concussion in Youth Sports Online Training Course for Coaches