Calendar Year 2016


DC Stoddert Soccer League, Inc. is guided by a Board of Directors that provides governance and oversight of the club’s executive team, soccer education programs and outreach services to children and families in the District of Columbia.

The Board meets monthly to discuss operational, programmatic and other governance matters related to the club’s activities. According to the organization’s bylaws, DC Stoddert board members are comprised of two voting Directors representing the Recreational program, two voting Directors representing the Travel program, and no fewer than seven and no more than 11 additional voting Directors. The Executive Director serves as a non-voting, ex officio Director. Voting Directors are elected by the Stoddert membership during the club's Annual General Meeting from the slate of nominees proposed by the Board of Directors. Officers of the corporation are elected during the first Board of Directors meeting of the calendar year. 

Members of the Board also volunteer their time to participate on Board and Advisory committees that pertain to the mission and services of the club.  These committees include Audit, Executive, and Nominating.

To contact one or more members of the DC Stoddert Board of Directors, please email Tom Gross.

Board of Directors, 2016


CHAIR:  Nick Alten

VICE CHAIR: Walter Sechriest

TREASURER:  Lawrence Smith


Voting Directors (One Year Term)

  • Shireen Atabaki
  • John Gardiner
  • Nick Keenan
  • Haze McCrary
  • Evan Nadler
  • James O'Brien
  • Karin Perkins

Voting Directors (Two Year Terms)

  • Nick Alten
  • Lori Denham 
  • Jorgen Kjaer
  • Walter Sechriest
  • Lawrence Smith
  • Cara Troup
  • Denise Wardlaw
  • Joy Willing

Recreational Program Representatives

  • Nick Alten
  • Haze McCrary

Travel Program Representatives

  • Lori Denham
  • John Gardiner

Current as of January 20, 2016