DC Stoddert Soccer

(John Gardiner)

DC Stoddert Soccer is the largest youth sports organization in Washington, DC, with upwards of 6,000 players per season in the fall and spring seasons.  Our players range in age from pre-kindergarten to high school. Nearly half of our players are girls, making us by far the biggest sports program for girls in the District of Columbia.  We strive to make our programs inclusive: about 90% of our players play in programs that are open-registration, where every child that registers is put on a team and every player on a team gets to play. The registration fee for our open-registration programs is kept as low as possible, and we offer no-questions-asked scholarships: if you can’t the registration fee, pay what you can afford. The only required equipment for our programs that we do not provide is cleats and shin-guards, and every season we collect hundreds of donated cleats which we make available to our players for one dollar a pair.

Our programs are entirely self-funding, paid for by registration fees and contributions. We receive no money from the city, and each year we contribute tens of thousands of dollars to the D.C. Department of Parks and Recreation in the form of equipment, field maintenance and program support.  We are able to provide high quality programs at such a reasonable cost because we have a large and devoted corps of volunteers.  We put on over 4,000 games a year, and virtually all the work that goes into the preparation for those games is done by our 750 volunteers.  Volunteers coach and referee our games, order and distribute uniforms, prepare fields and equipment, create schedules and rosters, and adjudicate our disputes. We are very proud of the volunteer culture of our club.