DC Stoddert Soccer

(John Gardiner)

DC Stoddert Soccer is the largest youth sports organization in Washington, DC, with upwards of 6,000 players per season in the fall and spring.  Youth participants range in age from pre-kindergarten to high school with nearly half of all registered players girls.  DC Stoddert Soccer strives to make every program inclusive:  90% of participants play in programs that are open-registration, where every child that registers is put on a team and every player on a team gets to play.

The registration fee for open-registration. recreational programming is kept as low as possible as the club offers 'no-questions-asked scholarships', which is defined as if you can’t the registration fee, pay what you can afford. The only required equipment for youth participants programs are cleats and shin-guards, and as such, each season the club organizes equipment exchanges so families can donate or swap footwear. Anything that is collected is then made available to any family for one dollar a pair.

All of DC Stoddert Soccer's programs are paid for by revenue collected from registration fees and tax-deductible contributions. The club receives no financial support from the government of the District of Columbia, and thus must rely on the generosity of individual and corporate donors to cover its annual operating expenses. In addition, DC Stoddert Soccer invests in local charities and schools through its relationship with local PTA's and the D.C. Department of Parks and Recreation, from which the club rents athletic facilities and provides in-kind soccer field equipment, field maintenance and programmatic support. 

Among it all, DC Stoddert Soccer provides high quality, youth development programs at reasonable costs due to a large and devoted corps of 750 volunteers. Throughout the academic calendar, our volunteers help organize and stage more than 4,000 soccer games a year - they coach and referee matches, order and distribute uniforms, prepare fields and equipment, create schedules and rosters, and adjudicate disputes.

 To learn more about the Stoddert Nation, please contact Douglas Homer, Executive Director, at (202) 338-1910.