Recreational FAQ

When is registration?

Registration for the 2015 spring season is currently open - click here to get started.

Please be advised that the following age divisions have reached capacity for the spring 2015 season and are not accepting registrations. Parents may choose to register their child on the age group waitlist. Those added to waitlists will be notified by the respective age group commissioner(s) in the event that a roster space becomes available.

  • Pre-K (Under 5)
  • Kindergarten (Under 6)
  • Co-ed 1st grade (Under 7)
  • Co-ed 2nd grade (Under 8)
  • Co-ed 3rd grade (Under 9)
  • Co-ed & Girls' 4th grade (Under 10)
  • Co-ed 5th grade (Under 11) 

Links are also available on our homepage as well as on the club's Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages.

Who is in charge of the program?

The recreational program is directed by Kris Ward, who joined the club in September 2014 following years of professional coaching experience with DC United, Washington Freedom and the Washington Spirit. Kris oversees all aspects of the player development process and coordinates coaching education workshops and clinics for volunteer coaches.

Tom Gross, Director of Operations and Volunteer Development, manages all program logistics and operational matters as well as coordinating volunteer opportunities for parents interested in coaching or managing recreational teams. Feel free to call Kris or Tom at (202) 338-1910 if you have questions related to the program. 

When do the recreational seasons take place?

In the fall and spring seasons, DC Stoddert Soccer offers a nine-week recreational program. Match dates take into account school holidays and vacation periods as well as other prominent Federal holidays and religious days of observance. The fall season often begins after Labor Day and extends into the early part of November. The spring season usually commences the first weekend in April and runs through the first weekend of June.

Who oversees the online registration system?

Derek Biss is responsible for coordination of the online registration database for the club's Recreational program. Derek works side-by-side with Tom Gross, who manages all of the operational aspects of the program and provides support and guidance to more than 750 men and women who volunteer as age group directors, coaches and managers.

What are the rules and regulations that I need to follow?

There are specific rules and regulations for players, parents, coaches and managers tocomply with in our Recreational program. This includes sideline ethics for parents, coaches responsibilities and general guidelines pertaining to fair play, sportsmanship and positive encouragement for all youth participants.

Who sets the policies and procedures for the Recreational program?

All policies and procedures pertaining to the Recreational program are established by the Board of Directors and upheld by the Recreational Program Advisory Committee, which works directly with Kris Ward and Tom Gross to provide governance and oversight of the program.

Where are games and practices held?

DC Stoddert Soccer partners with a variety of private and public schools and agencies to reserve athletic fields for recreational soccer training sessions and match play. These respective parks and facilities are spread across the District of Columbia and areas of Montgomery (Md.) County.  Please click HERE for a map of current locations.

I am a returning player will I be placed on the same team?

If your player was on a team the previous season, he/she will be re-assigned to that team unless you requested otherwise during registration. 

How do I request a specific team?

During registration, you can request a specific team. If you would like to change your choice after registering, contact your commissioner. We try to accommodate requests but can’t guarantee that a space will be available.

How do I know if I have been placed on a team?

To see your roster, go to Korrio, our online registration system, at Login using the user ID and password you used to register. If your player was on a team the previous season, he/she will be re-assigned to that team unless you requested otherwise during registration. 

What is Korrio?

Korrio is the online system Stoddert uses to manager registration, rostering and scheduling. You can use Korrio to see what team your player is on, what your schedule is, and to contact other members of DC Stoddert.

I forgot my Korrio user ID and/or password. What do I do?

Go to, click on “Log in” and follow directions under “Lost Password”.

Who is my commissioner and how do I contact them?

you can go here to get a list of commissioners: The easiest way to contact your commissioner is to go into Korrio and send your commissioner a message using Korrio messaging.

When are practices?

Practices are arranged by coaches. Contact your coach to see if your team practices, and if so when and where.

Can I request a specific time or location for my practices?

Discuss with your coach. Practice time is set by the coach. Coaches request practice fields and they are assigned based on availability.

Who is my Coach? Who is my Manager? How do I contact them?

Coaches and managers are parents who have volunteered to help run the team. Every team has a coach and some teams will have managers as well. Once you are assigned to a team, you can go into your Korrio account and see that team and who the coach is and whether it has a manager. The easiest way to contact your coach or manager is to send him a message using Korrio messaging.

I looked in Korrio, and my team has no coach. What does that mean?

Our coaches are parents who have volunteered. If no coach is listed it means that no one has stepped forward on your team. Expect to be contacted by your commissioner looking for volunteers. If a coach can’t be found your team will be disbanded.

I want to volunteer to coach or manage a team. What should I do?

Coaches and managers are assigned by commissioners, so contact your commissioner. The US Youth Soccer Association requires that all volunteers  register as a volunteer and agree to a background check. To register as a volunteer, click here

In addition, in order to coach you must have a United States Soccer Federation coaching license. Licensing courses are offered several times a year and take about six hours for the basic "F" license. New coaches have six months to become licensed. For teams older than fourth grade Stoddert recommends an "E" license.

Can I request a game field by my home?

No. Each division is assigned a specific field. That field may be by your home but there is a possibility that it is not.

How do I apply for financial aid?

When you go through the registration process and reach the payment section there will be an option for ‘financial aid assistance’, you will select that option. DC Stoddert has a don’t ask, don’t tell policy in regards to financial aid, if you ask for financial aid you will receive it.

When are the games?

Games are on Saturdays. Most games are in the morning, but we schedule games to start from 8am-5pm. A small number of older teams play on Friday or Saturday evenings when fields with lights are available.

Will my child play in every game?

Yes. DC Stoddert has a policy that every player must play at least half of each game.

How will I know if my game is cancelled?

DC Stoddert will update our website with any field closures. An email will go out through Korrio notifying all relevant teams of field closures. We will also have the information on our Twitter & Facebook feeds.

What equipment is needed for each player?

In order to participate in games, a player must wear a Stoddert-supplied jersey, shin guards, and appropriate shoes. Shoes can be either soccer cleats or running shoes. In order to participate in practice, a player must wear shin guards and appropriate shoes. Twice a year Stoddert runs a cleat exchange where used cleats are available for one dollar. Every player is encouraged to have his own ball, and to bring water and sunscreen to games and practices.

How do I receive the uniform?

All players were issued new uniforms for the Fall season which will be worn for the Fall and Spring seasons. If you are a new player in the Spring, a new uniform will be issued. All uniforms are delivered to the team representative.

Does it matter that my child has never played before?

No. Inexperience is fine. Our goal is to provide the environment so your child will develop no matter what level they are currently at.

What size ball should my player have?

U8 and younger should have a size 3

U9 to U12 should have a size 4

U13 and older should have a size 5

***Being one size off is ok for example a U8 player with a size 4 and a U12 player with a size 5 will be fine.

Why does the game schedule come out so late?

In our recreational program, we try to to maximize participation. What this means is that often we haven’t finalized the number of teams until right before the start of the season, as we scramble to get everyone who registered on a team. At the same time, we try to maximize the number of games on our best fields. We often face substantial competition for those fields, and don’t know until quite late exactly how much time we will have on them. We have found that it creates more confusion to release a schedule and then revise it, so we hold schedules until we’re sure they are correct.

Who should I contact about requesting a refund?

All refund requests should be directed to Derek Biss, Manager of Youth Resources, via email. Requests will be processed in the order that they are received.

What happens if my child is placed on the waitlist?

If the waitlist has been activated for a specific division that means the division is close to capacity. However that does not mean that there isn't availability on certain teams in that division. If there is availability the division commissioner will begin to place players on specific teams. Players will be moved from the waitlist in the order in which they registered. 

My child is on the waitlist but the coach says he/she can join the team?

If your child is placed on the waitlist but the coach of the team you wish to join indicates that their is space then you should have the coach contact the division commissioner to indicate that your child should be assigned to the desired team.