Frequently Asked Questions - 2014-15 Travel Team Tryouts
Everything you need to know about DC Stoddert Soccer's travel team tryout process and registration procedures

2014 – 15 DC Stoddert Travel Tryouts


How many tryouts should I attend?

It is recommended that players attend all scheduled tryout sessions so the travel coaching staff can have the best opportunity to evaluate the player.

How are players evaluated?

Players are evaluated based on their technical ability with the ball, tactical/game awareness, decision making, and ability to compete athletically. During the tryout process, evaluations from multiple travel program coaches will be taken into account to ensure that the decisions being made are fair and objective for each prospective player participating in the tryout sessions.

What should players bring to tryouts?

  • Inflated Soccer Ball
  • Water Bottle

What should the player wear?

  • Cleats/Turfs
  • Socks
  • Shinguards
  • Shorts
  • Appropriate Shirt

Do I need to register for tryouts?

Yes – Everyone should register for tryouts. This gives us your contact information so we can contact you with any changes or necessary notifications.

Is there a fee involved?

No – There is no fee to register for tryouts.

How do I know what age group my child belongs in?

You can see what age group your child belongs to by checking the Age Group Matrix

What happens if a tryout is cancelled?

If a tryout is cancelled it will be made up on the next available date. It is important that you are registered for tryouts so you can receive notifications about cancelled sessions and make up dates.

How will I know if I make a Travel team?

All tryout results will be posted on the club website: www.stoddert.com. Your child will be identified by the number given to them at tryouts and not by name. The office does not keep track of individual tryout numbers so please remember your number.