Spring 2015 Travel Soccer

Registration for the 2015 Spring season is now open!

Everyone who registers has the option of paying by installments. The due dates for payment are as follows:

  • FIRST INSTALLMENT: $300  --   Due at the time when the player registers
  • SECOND INSTALLMENT: $250 --  Due by February 15th
  • THIRD INSTALLMENT: $250  --   Due by March 15th

All player registrations for the spring 2015 season must be completed by March 15th. Extension requests are due by February 15th otherwise they will not be considered.


Returning Player Registration – This link is for players that registered with Stoddert in the Fall:  https://www.youthleaguesusa.com/dcssl/14-15/TravelPayment.html

***Scholarship players will use the same link. If they are a partial scholarship the system will not recognize that so those families will be notified by DC Stoddert when their account is updated after they register for the spring.***


New Player Registration – This link is for players that DID NOT register with Stoddert in the Fall:  https://www.youthleaguesusa.com/dcssl/14-15/Travel.html

In addition to the above, new players also have to go through the following proces:

1. The link will provide them an error message when they enter their information however underneath the error message there will be a button that says “register new player”. This will not involve payment.

2. They will then EMAIL Derek Biss saying they have completed this step and then they will be assigned to the team.

3. Then they will use the same link to complete the registration.


Please contact Derek Biss for help with your child's registration.