Travel Soccer Frequently Asked Questions
Current as of May 22, 2016

What is Travel Soccer?

DC Stoddert Soccer's Travel Program is a competitive soccer education and training program for players with above average skills and a strong drive to develop their soccer abilities and love of the game. The Travel Program serves more than 700 boys and girls between the ages of 8-19. Players compete in a variety of leagues and competitions throughout Region I of U.S. Youth Soccer.

Players in the Travel Program receives guided practice and coaching instruction from professional, nationally-licensed coaches–many of whom have completed national standards examinations from the National Soccer Coaches Association of America and U.S. Soccer Federation, and other leading organizations. 

Each player who accepts a roster spot to play for a DC Stoddert Soccer Travel team does so willingly and accepts the responsibilities associated with training, preparing for, and competing in team-related events, which include but are not limited to practices, matches, tournaments, and other meetings scheduled by the player's head coach. In addition, a commitment to play for a DC Stoddert Travel Team is a year-long commitment for the 2016-17 school year.


How are Travel Teams selected?

The Travel Program Age Group Directors and their coaching staff select Travel Teams from the players who participated in tryouts in mid-May. Travel team rosters will be posted on the Stoddert website the week following tryouts, and players selected will be identified by their tryout number.


How much commitment is required for Travel soccer?

Travel Teams play in two seasons per year: a fall season from mid-August to mid-November, and a spring season from March to mid-June. Teams typically play 8-10 games per season. Most games are played on Sundays, but there may be Saturday games as well (typically 1-2 games per season). Teams usually play one or more pre-season scrimmages and between 1-4 tournaments per season, depending upon the age group and competitive level of the team. Teams begin practicing 2-3 weeks before the start of each season. Practices during the spring and fall season are 1-2 hours per session and take place at least twice a week. All teams participate in winter training, the amount of which varies by team.


How far do we travel?

Travel can be as far as an hour to an hour and a half drive, though certain games and tournaments may occasionally require further travel. Games can be as close as Northwest DC.


In what leagues do DC Stoddert Travel teams play?

DC Stoddert Travel teams compete in one of the following leagues: Club Champions League (CCL), for boys and girls; National Capital Soccer League (NCSL) for boys’ teams; and Washington Area Girls Soccer League (WAGS) for girls’ teams.


When does practice begin?

Teams generally begin training towards the end of August. Each coach will provide further details pertaining to pre-season training sessions.  


Where do practices take place?

The location and time of practices is based on the availability of fields to DC Stoddert Soccer. DC Stoddert uses synthetic and grass fields in and around the District of Columbia.


How long is the travel season?

The travel season lasts between 9-10 months. The year begins towards the end of August and concludes in early June.


What happens once my child is offered a place on a team?

Once players are offered a place on a Travel Team, a link to register and a deadline to accept or decline the roster spot will be provided. There will be an option to pay in full for the 2016-2017 soccer year or to pay by installments. Regardless of payment method, accepting a roster spot obligates the player to a financial commitment for the full year.


What documentation do parents need to submit?

Each player will need to submit: (1) Proof of birth (passport or birth certificate); (2) Headshot photo (in.JPG format); and (3) signed and completed medical release form (supplied by the team manager). Additional documentation is required for players who reside in Maryland or were born outside of the United States.


How much does Travel Soccer cost?

The base Annual Registration Fee per player for the 2016-2017 Travel Soccer Season is between $2000 and $2300, depending on the age bracket (U9-U10 $2000; U11-U12 $2100; U13+ $2300). The Annual Registration Fee covers costs associated with: coaching, league fees, field rentals, field equipment, spring and fall training, winter training (8 outdoor training sessions), and a set number of tournaments for each age bracket.

Beyond the Annual Registration Fee, there is a separate Team Assessment Fee which covers expenses not included in the Annual Registration Fee. Amounts will vary by team and may range from $200-$900 depending on the activities of the individual team. For teams that do additional training, tournaments, or winter leagues, the Team Assessment Fee will be closer to the higher estimate. The expenses attributed to these inputs will be allocated on a per-player basis and assigned as an additional cost shortly after the player accepts a roster invitation to join a Travel team for the 2016-17 school year.

Families are responsible for purchasing uniforms and gear and any personal travel costs to league matches or tournaments.


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