U7 Stoddert Juniors


The U7 Stoddert Juniors program is intended for those children who are looking for additional training one day a week in conjunction with their Recreational Soccer season. This player development initiative aims to provide a fun and stimulating environment for children in the U7 age group. The goal of the program is to teach fundamental soccer skills in small group settings under the guidance and leadership of the club’s professional coaching staff.


We will create an environment that is fun and instills a love of the game of soccer. We will encourage the players to take risks and be creative with the ball that places individual player rather than teams at the center of all training. The Stoddert Juniors program exposes players to a game that emphasizes skill development over team development. We prefer a brand of soccer based on possession which will require players to be complete soccer players that understand the game and all positions while possessing technical skill. Learning will over take precedence.The qualified professional coaching staff will use the technique of Guided Discovery versus command style instruction allowing the kids to make the decision and improve their problem solving ability.