The DC Stoddert U8 Developmental Academy is intended for those children seriously focused on soccer and for families willing to make a stronger commitment to prioritizing development above the social aspects of youth soccer.


We will create an environment that is fun and instills a love of the game of soccer. We will encourage the players to take risks and be creative with the ball that places individual player rather than teams at the center of all training. The Developmental Academy exposes players to a game that emphasizes skill development over team development. We prefer a brand of soccer based on possession which will require players to be complete soccer players that understand the game and all positions while possessing technical skill. Learning will over take precedence over game management on our weekly Play Day’s. The qualified professional coaching staff will use the technique of Guided Discovery versus command style instruction allowing the kids to make the decision and improve their problem solving ability. Success is determined by learning and fun rather than scores and standings. Our target audience is families that look at the big picture and will not leave the club as their kids improve.


Fall Season          (September-November)

·         Two training sessions per week

·         Play Day on Sunday

Winter Season  (January-March)

·         Two training sessions per week

·         Play Day over the weekend

·         All training sessions and Play Days are outside

Spring Season    (April-May)

·         Two training sessions per week

·         Play Day on Sunday

Selection Process

To join the U8 Developmental Academy you will need to register for the program on Korrio when it opens in August. Players must be born between the following dates to be eligible 8/1/2005-7/31/2006.



Do members of the Developmental Academy play in a league?

We do not participate in a league. The focus is not on teams but the individual players. Instead of games in a structured league we have a weekly Play Day where players are separated into groups of three and play 3v3 against other members of the Developmental Academy


What do the Play Days consist of?

The 3v3 Academy games at the weekend will be a chance for the players to show what they know from the week’s sessions by playing without stoppages, referees, scores or coaching, instead, having the opportunity to express themselves in small sided games where they get lots of touches in a pressure-free environment.


What is the expected commitment? Do I have to give up on other sports or teams?

The Developmental Academy is aimed at the long term development of players, which requires a commitment to consistent practice. This does not mean players cannot player other sports. Players in these young ages are encouraged to play other sports for more well-rounded development & play with their recreational teams.


What will the coaches focus on in training?

Individual Player Development. Technical training will be a priority in order to develop the fundamental skills necessary to be successful in later years. Long term skill development is essential. Coaches will introduce tactical decision making, physical development, psychological development while all the time developing a love of the game of soccer.


Do players need to wear anything specific to practice and play days?

 Players are asked to wear comfortable sports clothes, soccer socks pulled over their shin pads, and soccer shoes as well as brining and inflated size 4 ball  and water to each practice and play day.


What does the Developmental Academy expect from parents?

1. Arrange to get your child to training and play days on time

2. Be supportive of your child and fellow Academy members

3. Leave the coaching to the coaches (cheer, but DO NOT COACH)

4. Encourage them to get the ball out on their own free time

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